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Just A Little Something For Your Enjoyment

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sheboygan Today

Today we went to Sheboygan. Please remind me never to eat at the Wendy's there ever again. I have one word for that place. GREASE! My paper wrapper was covered in it. After Wendy's we went to Wal*Mart. I looked at the video games, the cards, and the books. I didn't really see anything I wanted, but I did notice something. There was only one small metal rod thingie for World of Warcraft cards, 1 sixth Magic: The Gathering, 1 sixth Pokemon, 1 sixth Yu-Gi-Oh, and everything else was baseball cards. I guess that provides a glimpse into the mentality of the "kids of America". I saw some good books, but I already had most of them. At Best Buy I saw a strat. guide for a game I had and looked through that until my Dad said it was time to go. Then it turned to me to get HIM out of the store. He got side-tracked by remotes and DVDs. After Best Buy we went home and I bought Gods Eater Burst. It's a PSP game I got on the Vita for $20. It is a pretty good game, but a bit complicated in the set up. Now I am just doing this, looking at Kylie's blog, and watching SAO on Hulu.