Just a Little Something for Your Entertainment

Just A Little Something For Your Enjoyment

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hopes for Summer

Well hello again all of my wonderful readers. How was your weekend? Mine was great, even thought we didn't go out to eat. My cousin held his birthday party on Saturday. I had a great time playing with him. We played Pokemon from about 2:30 until about 5:15. We had to leave too soon though. I hope to see him sometime soon. anyway, I will now talk to you about my plans for the summer.

Okay, the first thing that I want to do this summer is get the garden plowed and plant a row of herbs and veggies for my use in the kitchen. The next thing will to get signed up for soccer again. I really miss playing the sport, and soccer is the only sport that I like. After getting signed up, I will probably be busy getting the garden clean and playing soccer. After my birthday, I am going to start looking for a job. I really need a serious source of income, for reasons that I will keep to myself. After that, it's school again and I have to start working at harvesting, working, and schooling.

That's pretty much what I plan to do this summer. Please feel free to comment on it in any way you like. also, if you sign as anonymous, please right your name or nickname so that I now who you are. Thank you!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Thoughts of Ought

Well, here I am again. Another week gone by. It seems like time flies, doesn't it? Like one day it's Monday and the next it's Friday. Aw well, back to business.

This week was a bit more exciting than last, I have to say. On Wednesday Mom took me to her Bible study. I have a job watching little kids in the nursery. After the study, Mom took me on her lunch date with Michelle, a good family friend. We went to Fazolis. We talked and ate and had a great time. When lunch was over, we went to Jo Ann's "SHUDDER".

On Thursday Mom, Dad, and I went on a big field trip with a home school group to the Des Moines Historical Museum. We saw geodes and ancient sea critters (what I liked), Indian bead work (which Mom liked), and a display on mammoths (which Dad liked). After the field trip, we went to CiCi's and gorged ourselves on pizza. My favorites were the Barbeque Chicken, the Big Mac, the Cheese Sticks, and the Cinnamon Rolls. Unfortunately, we had to go home, and our fun day ended.

That is what I did this week. Look again on Monday to see my new post. Bye!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Candle

For a long time I have marveled over the beauty of a candle flame. The flame captures you attention and holds it. you feel like you could watch the flame dance and wave forever. It is an awesome thing. Electric lights just don't hold the same fascination. They focus on giving light, and not just showing beauty. To me, this proves that an awesome and powerful God exists. Humans could have never created the laws for fire. No "Big Bang"/molecular disturbance could have created such wonder. And a candle is just a small part of the world. Look at all of the animals and plants and ask yourself, "Could this all have been made by accident?". I took some pictures of a candle flame and I thought that you might want to see them. I also wrote a haiku about a candle. A haiku is a form of Japanese poetry, consisting of three lines following the syllable pattern five, seven, five.

 A Simple Candle
 Hands Around a Flame
 Even in Darkness, There is Light
 Olde Time

And here is my Haiku.


The flickering flame
It wavers and enchants me
It dances for life

Friday, January 14, 2011

This Week

My thoughts on this past week were actually slightly off. I only spent two days shoveling snow. I haven't gotten payed yet, but I assume that I will be payed by Saturday. This week was a bit boring. I went to H2g on Thursday, but it was quite ordinary. Other than that, not much happened. So I guess I will talk to you on Monday. Till then!

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Thoughts on This Coming Week

Well, it's the beginning of another week of winter. I had a hard time waking up this morning. I hate Mondays. You always have to get up early after a weekend of sleeping in.
I did a lot of snow shoveling today. Dad got up early to shovel snow this morning, Mom and I shoveled snow at about 1:30, and I went out and shoveled the driveway by myself at about 2:45. I a probably going to have to do more today and maybe for the rest of the week. I haven't checked the forecast, but I think my new boots aren't going to feel new for much longer.
School is good, and I am coping fine with the work load. I am doing taxes in Math, Health in Science, and the Civil War in History. I can manage without too much difficulty, and I am okay.
Life is good.

Friday, January 7, 2011

What I Saw Today

I saw a rare sight today as I was working on school. I saw a male Hairy Woodpecker eating some of our suet. It was just sitting there, eating, so I took a picture. Later, I saw a female Hairy woodpecker eating at the suet, and I snapped a picture of that. That is what I saw today. Here are the pictures.

This is the boy

And this is the girl