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Friday, October 29, 2010

A Cooking Blog That I Found

Now, being a guy that likes to cook, I have found the perfect Blog to get cooking recipes. It is called Full Bellies, Happy Kids. They have almost a thousand posts, and each one has a recipe on it. I have recently seen one recipe that I wish to try. It is a cinnamon bread recipe that I believe is going to be heavenly! If you want to try out some new recipes, just go to this address.


Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 25, 2010

My Weekend

This entry is going to be about my weekend, the days of November 23rd and November 24th.

This Saturday, we had a hectic day. The first thing we did that day was watch TV. My brother and I are allowed to wake up at 7:00 on Saturdays and watch TV. We watched for about an hour. Then I played a little Wii. Then Mom woke up and kicked us off. A little while later, Mom and Dad took us to West Des Moines and then Ankeny. They took us to Best Buy to look for something. They wouldn't tell is what, so Joel and I just went to the game aisle and fooled around until Mom came and got us. They apparently didn't find what they were looking for, so they took us to ankeny and looked there. They found what they wanted there and they took us home. When we got home, I played RuneScape until Mom threw me off. Then I took my shower, read for an hour, then slept.

Sunday was standard. I ate, slept, read, worked, and pooped. I also played a little RuneScape.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tutorial Part Two: Getting Set Up

In this second Tutorial, I will teach you how to get a good deck and what to look for in a good deck, so that you can build your own decks.

Selecting a Deck

At your local Wal*Mart, you should be able to find the latest and greatest decks and packs of cards. But before buying anything, you should decide what type of card player you are. Do you like to hold down the fort with defensive monsters and retaliate with spells and traps? Maybe you don't care about defense and want to go all out and blast your opponent into the sky? How about a well balanced deck, ready for all occasions? Take your time deciding. You can't reuse money once you have already used it to buy something. Choose wisely, because your first deck is special.

What to Look for in a Deck

There are several things that you should look for in a deck. There should be an even amount of traps, spells, and monsters, using the formula of 1 part spell, 1 part trap, and 2 parts monsters. with the monsters, make sure you have more weak monsters than strong ones. You need weak monsters so that you can sacrifice them to bring in the big boys. If you have a ton of strong monsters but no weak ones to sacrifice, you won't be able to summon those big monsters. keep your monsters true to your character. That way, you will be able to maneuver with your deck comfortably, and probably win more games than if you were playing with a deck that makes you feel uncomfortable.

If you listen to this advice, you will be fighting like a pro in no time.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Week 8 Review

Good job. Only 2 photos... but otherwise ok.

Tutorial Part One: The Cards

For the rest of this week, I will be using this blog to teach you in three steps what Yu-Gi-Oh is and how to play it. I will be covering the different cards, how to get set up with the perfect deck, and how to play a game. These lessons will be spaced out throughout the week with one school day in between each posting. This will give you a chance to retain the knowledge that I will write. So without further ado, your first lesson starts now.


There are three main types of cards in Yu-Gi-Oh. Spell cards, Trap cards, and Monster cards. I will split this entry into three seperate sections to explain about each one.


Spell cards are rapid fire spells. They can be played almost as soon as you want to, with exceptions. Spell cards only last one turn though, unless the card says otherwise. Unlike trap cards, which we will reach later, spell cards can be played from your hand. There are many types of spells. This is what a spell looks like.

Spells should take up about a fourth of your deck.


Traps are slower, but more powerful than spells. You have to wait one turn after you play them on the field to be able to activate them. Traps aren't one turn long, but they aren't permanent either. Some traps last only one turn, and some keep going until they are destroyed. This is what a trap looks like.

Trap cards should make up one fourth of your deck.


Monster cards are the game winning cards. You can win a game without using any monsters, but it would be extremely difficult. Monsters can only be played one per turn, but they stay out longer than traps our spells, if they are strong enough. monsters are the cards that attack your opponent, destroying their life points and defending you against your opponent's monsters. Here is what a monster looks like.

Monster cards should be half of your deck.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Gregor the Overlander Series

I am currently reading a series called Gregor the Overlander. I think it is really cool. I don't want to spoil it for you, but it centers around an under ground world that was inhabited in the 1600's. Due to space and an abundant food supply, the animals down there have grown to a large size. The humans down there have many prophecies, and Gregor is centered in almost all off them. I really like the series, and I think that you would like it too. Here is a picture of the series.

The series in story order.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What I am going to do this week.

This week, How To Train Your Dragon is coming out. My mom has promised that she will take me Friday to go and get the movie. I can hardly wait! We will probably get to eat out, too. This week is going to be AWESOME! I have it all planned out. As soon as we get home, I am going to watch the movie with popcorn and a nice, warm blanket. It is going to be the best thing ever!

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibit at SCI

This past Saturday, my family and I went to the new Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit at the Science Center of Iowa ( www.sciowa.org ). I thought that it was okay. we got to see all of his designs, including his formula for the Golden Rule. I really liked the war area, because I actually knew what everything was and what it was for. Leonardo Da Vinci made a lot of cool things, like the tank and the war chariot. Both of those inventions didn't work however, because one had technical difficulties, and the other couldn't calm the horse. We also saw the Mona Lisa exhibit, and we saw the original colors of Da Vinci's The Last Supper painting. At the end, I really enjoyed it.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Week 7 Review

Great Job. Love the descriptive paragraph you used for your geode. :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Star Trek: Tactical Assault

Recently, I have acquired a new game. It is called Star Trek: Tactical Assault. I think that it is a really fun game. you can either play as Klingons or the Federation in story mode. In skirmish mode, you can be any type of ship, including Romulans, Gorn, and Orion Raiders, along with the Federation and Klingons. You can control you ship in actual space fights. Your ships are outfitted with phasers and torpedoes. I think that it is a great game. Here is a picture.

The Game

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Rock Collection

Over the years, I have been collecting rocks. I have collected Agate, Sapphire, Rose Quartz, Crystal Spires, and many other stones. My collection is meager compared to true geologists, but I like my collection. The pride of my collection is a giant Geode. It is about the size of my head. It is vibrant blue and white, in cascading crystalline arches, all coalescing into a a magnificent spot in the very center of the stone. The center is not flat, like the rest of the rock, but broken in. The crytals protrude in the gap in magnificent spires. The spires are the color of pure ice. it is the pride and joy of my collection. Here is a picture of my collection.

This is my collection. The big one on the back is the Geode.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I have an old book series that my father passed on to me. It's called Robotech. Most kids probably wouldn't know about it, but parents and grandparents that were interested in science fiction\fantasy might. Robotech is a stunning story of love, betrayal, fighting, and humor. I think that if you like those things, you might like this series. The time changes are a bit difficult to cope with, as there are three jumps in the books where a new generation takes on the main roles. Here is a picture of the series.

The Series.